After COVID-19, digitization is no longer an option

Confinement has accelerated the processes of digital transformation in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. From one day to the next, everything we did in person came to a halt.
Let’s say that COVID-19 put us between a rock and a hard place: “Either you do it online or you can’t do it.” And of course this has led to a revolution at many levels in our lives and in the way companies act.
Many companies and sectors have Egypt Phone Number List lost the train of digitization
Try to imagine the next scene for a moment. We are in a train station. We see cautious passengers who arrive a little earlier and are already seated in their places. They have even set up their computer and are working.
On the other hand, we have those who are walking around looking for their place, dragging their suitcases, asking, … clueless, and why not say it, bothering others a bit.

And finally, we have those who arrive on the train in just time.
But suddenly, the beep sounds indicating that the train is about to leave. What happens then?
Cautious passengers continue to work smoothly. Those who were looking for their site sit down as quickly as possible and those who were on the platform start to run but most lose it.
The train represents the Internet , its departure from the platform represents confinement (we cannot carry out our activity if we are not online), and the different types of passengers, at the various levels of digital transformation of companies.
What about companies that weren’t digitized before COVID-19?
Not without problems, but the companies that were prepared have continued their activity during the confinement (trip), those that were in the process of transformation have done what they could, and those that were outside the train have been paralyzed without knowing what to do .

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It is clear that we are facing one of the greatest challenges in many ways, but the situation changes a lot depending on where you occupy in the analogy of the train station.
What happened to the companies after the lockdown?
We are seeing everything. From companies that have found an opportunity and are taking advantage of it, others that have been more or less successful, and a large DE Phone Number that are still quite lost.
When you have no alternative but to develop your activity on the Internet, challenges come for everyone. Some pass them with note and others adapt to digital to the raw. And of course, the results are not as expected.
What can we do to digitize our company after confinement?
The good news is that we can catch the next train. But we must be aware that due to the economic crisis, this may be the last.
It is time to get going. To look to the future in a positive way and draw up a plan. It is time to reach out to customers and offer our help. Selfless help to alleviate your situation, and of course, we hope that they will become income for our company (if we are looking for sales at any price, we will get mostly negative responses). It is time to do marketing from the inside out and from less to more.

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