A single funnel to control the entire process

Many companies with a commercial vocation have two clearly differentiated “blocks”: recruitment and loyalty . Within the company’s strategy they are related, but the reality of many companies is that:The strategies are designed separately . That is, they do not take into Bangladesh Phone Number List  the entire process from the first approaches to the brand, until they become a customer, begin to interact with us as such, etc.The people who make each strategy are not the same and belong to different departments .Of course, the “bosses” have an overview and try to make the overall strategy coherent. However, the reality is that, on a day-to-day basis, some attract and others retain . And it is very difficult to give continuity to the strategy of the company during the life cycle of its customers.What if we propose a way to unite both strategies?full purchase funnel_1In a post by Brian Massey , I was very interested in the concept of ” Pre-purchase funnel ” and ” Post-purchase funnel “. It is something that we have been trying to understand for a long time in the offline world, but in the online world it is relatively new. In reality, it is not two funnels, but the same funnel that analyzes the entire customer life cycle.The ” pre-purchase funnel ” is the traditional funnel. It represents the study of the process that our prospects follow , from their first contacts with our campaigns or in their search for products, (until they end up becoming customers (in the graph it is represented on the left side). Traditionally we achieve this almost exclusively through of traditional advertising campaigns (both off and on).


On the right side of the graph we can see the “ post-purchase funnel .” In this part of the funnel, our goal is to convert customers into users of the product (thus we increase the possibilities of upselling), which will lead them to generate opinionsof them, and if we do it well, to become recommenders of our brand. Outside of our website there is no single strategy. that helps us to act on all points of both funnels. Let me explain: we have some strategies that help us to attract, and others to build loyalty, but none that serve us both. We can try to adapt a recruitment one to build loyalty and vice versa, but they do not work as well as they should.For example, a banner or a recruitment email can help a customer buy another of our products, but not as effectively as a loyalty strategy.full purchase funnel 2_2Social De Phone Number strategies allow us to act at all stages of the life cycle of our clients. Since they are considering the purchase of a product, until they become customers, and finally, recommenders of the brand.This is where Social Media strategies are perfect sinceThey support advertising campaigns and guide our prospects through the traditional funnel (1st part of the funnel).They help our clients and clients to become recommenders of our brand (2nd part of the funnel).

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