A single flag

You already know from other posts that I am not a soccer fan.

Since I was little, I remember my grandfather glued to the radio on Sundays listening, I think, to Matias Prats senior or another journalist of the time, broadcasting the games and to me it seemed a horror.

My little brother (he is two years older than me), is one of the real Madrid players, one of the partners since he was a child, one of whom never misses a game and although he lives in Seville, when he plays Madrid, he travels Cameroon Phone Number List to go to his appointment at the Bernabeu.

I have always seen it as crazy, I have not understood well how 22 players running around a field kicking a ball could move the masses and paralyze cities.

But in this World Cup something has changed.

I think I started to get hooked on the rooms. Since I don’t understand, I didn’t really know who we were playing against, or if we won how many chances we would have to reach the final. I saw that we were facing Chile and I got ready to watch a game in which they let us play very little, but we ended up winning.

Last week, he interrupted all Sunday plans to vibrate with the national team. Enjoy the game against Germany as if it were the last game of my life. Seeing so many Spaniards united for once in the same cause did not fail to impress me.

I recently wrote a post ” El provocador” because I was outraged Phone Number List by the position of a character that the only thing he was looking for was the confrontation between the Spanish. Today I write this, because contradicting this misnamed journalist, the selection has managed to unite an entire nation. It does not matter if you are Basque, Catalan, Madrid, Valencian, Andalusian or Extremadura. It does not matter whether you are on the left or on the right, I believe that we are ALL with the national team today. Because this team is made up of footballers from various Spanish teams who today play for a single cause and with a single purpose: That Spain win the World Cup.

The streets taken, the Chinese full of people buying flags and t-shirts, even in the news today the presenters wear the national team shirt.

And this time I can not be less. Tonight I will vibrate again with the national team, I will wear my Spain shirt, because I want him to win, because I want the Expansion article to be true and because I want to keep the image that at least for a day, even for a sport , all Spaniards will be united with a single flag

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