How To Cancel A Sent Email In Gmail Without Leaving Traces

How many times have you sent an email and just at the moment you realized that you were not sending it to the right person or you had made a mistake? Do you want to know how to cancel a sent email ? Well. Finally. The option that many of you had prayed for has now arrived in gmail. How to cancel a sent email indeed. Now if you use gmail as a mail manager you can cancel the sending of an email. But you have to do it fast. Because you only have 30 seconds (maximum) to do it. Google actually first introduced the “undo send” feature for gmail back in 2009 but the feature stayed in the labs section. Where google tests new features for advanced users to test before they become officially available.

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The undo send option is part of the gmail settings (to go alabama email list settings. Log in to your gmail account and click the settings option in the gear in the upper right corner). Within settings. The option is in the “general” tab and is called. As i said. Undo send. The option is disabled by default except for users who already had the option enabled in labs. When enabling it. You also have to decide the send cancellation period. Which varies between 5 and 30 seconds. If you want to go the fast way you can go directly to and enable the option to undo send. Then save the changes. Now every time you send an email you will have a window of 5 to 30 seconds (depending on the time you have selected) to cancel the sending.

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Undo send remember that. At the moment. You only have at most 30 seconds to repent. In the future there is the possibility that the mail could be DE Phone Number at any time before the recipient reads it. It would be great if this option were available in messaging services like whatsapp. Right? Well. Now you know how to cancel a sent email . But to avoid scares in the future. I recommend that you review everything you send carefully. The most common mistakes are sending an email to the wrong person. Sending it with misspellings. Sending it without a subject or sending it without an attachment (when you were supposed to send an attachment).

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