5 trends in email marketing with which companies will achieve their goals

Email singapore cell phone price list is a strategy that does not go out of style, so much so that companies and advertisers are expected to earn with it this year, through the sales they generate, more than 2.3 billion dollars. An interesting figure, which explains the interest in this communication tool. However, for an email marketing campaign to be successful, it must contain a series of requirements, starting with the clear definition of the objectives it pursues, for which the message that the aforementioned emails will contain is specifically designed.

In parallel, for an email marketing campaign to be successful it is necessary for brands to take into account the three reasons why Internet users say they follow and trust brands. These are none other than the interesting, creative and personalized content that advertisers offer them.In fact, the interest of the content is, for consumers, as important as the offers that are disseminated through emailing. The same happens with the creativity of such messages, which motivates consumers to carry out a purchase action. Finally, the personalization of the messages is really important when it comes to generating engagement with the audience, something that will be noticed in the long-term relationship with customers.

However, to guarantee the return on investment made by brands and advertisers and to achieve the amount of sales that this strategy is expected to generate in 2015, companies must apply a series of techniques that will help them to achieve their goals. These trends in email marketing have been analyzed by the Mailigen company, they are the following:Usability and communication with users

The rise and penetration of mobile devices has affected, and will continue to affect, email campaigns. In fact, it is important that companies take into account the need to develop an email marketing campaign adapted to smartphones and tablets, from which Internet users can easily access the content they are offered.This is due to the fact that more and more Internet users make use of their email accounts through these devices, and unfortunately companies do not adapt their emailings and newsletters to them. In this sense, it is necessary to ensure that the contents that are sent do not fall into the spam and unwanted mail trays of the users’ accounts in these media as well as adapt texts, headlines, images and visual effects to the multiple screens through of which today users use this tool.

Mobile device expansionParallel to the rise of mobile devices will be an unprecedented expansion of De Phone Number strategies that focus on smartphones and tablets. Within them, emailing must act with intelligence and know how to adapt to the changes experienced by users, so that companies are able to meet their needs both through new devices and through laptops and personal computers. , because users will not abandon their use at once.

In this sense, there are several applications that will facilitate the transition to brands. One of the ones that will sound the most is Triage, a device that will allow advertisers to carry out email marketing campaigns from which, when users open the emails, they are transformed and adapted to the device they are using in that moment. With just one click.The weight of geolocationThe development of geolocation today will be a strong point for advertisers and brands if they know how to take advantage of the data that it provides and include it in their email marketing campaigns. Thus, geolocation helps them track the location details of users in terms of content.

That is, brands can know in what situation an email sent to a certain user is, if it has been read and what effects it has generated on the recipient, especially in monetary terms. For this, it is interesting that companies segment their email lists and send the emailings to their specific target audience.In the same way, the shipment can be made based on the current or past location points that users show, thanks to geolocation. An attitude that will make them gain user loyalty towards the brand as well as the acquisition of new customers for their products and services.

Video and interactivityVideo is, for Mailigen, one of the current trends that is experiencing the fastest growth when it comes to marketing email marketing campaigns. However, this content has an important limit, such as its ability to be reproduced within an email, as it cannot be streamed or viewed in large email providers, such as Gmail and Outlook.However, efforts must be made to improve the application of this type of content to emailings. This is due to its power and impact on the conversion rate of brands, which according to the company Shoeline.com increases sales by up to 44% if the videos are displayed in this type of content.

More income and transnational emailsLast year, email marketing was characterized as one of the marketing strategies that generated the most engagement in the audience, which made users carry out a greater number of transactions through this medium, increasing their income. Among the benefits that experts associate with this strategy is the possibility of segmenting the audience as well as the optimized delivery that emailing allows to carry out with respect to the content it transmits.

In fact, transnational emails are very powerful marketing tools, which make emailing a growing tool and a growing phenomenon that has spread among companies and advertisers. In fact, this tool has a very high email opening rate, much more than conventional emails. Similarly, transnational email campaigns incorporate a higher creative quota, which increases conversion rates. Something that is noticeable in the final balance sheets of the companies.


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