5 reasons why marketing strategy is the key to maximizing sales

My main mission as an expert in determining the marketing and sales strategy of a company is to demonstrate that strategy is the essential step to maximize results.
It is a difficult challenge due to the almost total orientation of companies to tactics and short-term results. It is like swimming against the current.Daily activity eats up the sales strategy
When I talk about how to make and create a sales strategy, my clients and students agree with the approach and the need to define it. The great challenge is to modify the inertia of the day to day to implement the strategy and start doing things correctly.
Implementing a sales Investors Email Lists strategy requires commitment and a willingness to changeOn paper, what has been said makes all the sense in the world, but when it comes to implementing sales marketing activities, many things have to change beyond the traditional marketing activity and orient it towards results marketing.
Tasks must be prioritized and others must be eliminated (which are often done out of sheer inertia, because they have been done for a long time. The value they provide has not been analyzed), the team must have the knowledge and time necessary to implement it ( It is not about adding tasks to existing ones), the affected processes must be analyzed and corrected, and most importantly, the management has to cause this to happen and have the patience to see the results of what is implemented.
We do not have to stop everything to implement the sales marketing strategy. In fact, it is advisable to define an implementation plan that allows it to be phased and thus allow the organization to assimilate the changes.

The marketing and sales strategy of a company is the key to maximizing results
Now it’s my turn to show you why, once implemented, how to make and create a sales marketing strategy will help us maximize results.Marketing departments struggle to optimize a multitude of metrics in the day-to-day work, but mainly everything related to maximizing sales and their acquisition cost.On the one hand, we have the ones most related to the business ( sales, ARPU, CPA, and CLTV ) and those related to the results marketing activity itself ( sessions, bounce, CTR, CPC, CPL, CR, CPC, CPM , etc. .).Beyond the selection of metrics, the problem is that they are trying to optimize from the tactics, not from the strategy.If we optimize the campaigns, obviously we will improve the numbers. But the question is, are we going to be able to maximize them?And this is what all companies are looking for, right? Maximize sales. Well, the strategy is what allows you to maximize the results of the tactic.Reasons why you need a marketing and sales strategy1. A strategy achieves something better than maximizing sales, it brings us customersOne of the problems with the tactical orientation of marketing departments towards maximizing short-term sales is that the vast majority of actions carried out are oriented towards that: the sale.The problem is that they forget that to get a sale we must first make the brand known, then we must be the best option among the “finalists” of our audience , then we must close the sale and finally build loyalty.In other words, we have to define a different strategy for each stage of the purchasing process . and know how to present a sales strategy that is right for the customer.To sell more, you don’t always have to sell2. Helps us get to know our audience
To convince our audience that our product is the best option we need to really know them.
Normally we do this process through common sense and the famous trial and error of marketing.
We think about our audience, we get an idea of ​​how we think they are and we start launching campaigns. From this moment, the optimization process begins based on the results.It is certainly a starting point, but to get the best possible results we need a lot more than that. We have to know them thoroughly.Think of a close friend or family member , how would it be easy for you to sell them something they need? Well, this is what we have to try to achieve with our audience.
For this we have to go through four stages:
Purchase Insight .Value proposition .
Buyer person .Customer journey .The better we know them the better we will know how to sell them. Asking our customers is the best solution to most marketing problems .

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3. It sets us the objectives that we really must achieve
It is clear that the final objective of the vast majority of strategies is the sale of a product or service and in many cases they are new sales strategies for points of sale. But what is not so clear, at least for those companies that do not have a defined strategy, is the value that results marketing must provide beyond maximizing sales .In addition to maximizing sales, a company needs to solve many other aspects in which digital marketing and the internet as a channel can play an important role. I am thinking about topics as diverse as customer service, reduction of recruitment costs, communication with clients, selection and training of personnel, brand positioning, etc.
And you know what? If we help solve themwe will SELL MORE .
That is why I always defend that the definition of the business model should be the first step of any good marketing and sales strategy of a company. Being clear about the key points of our company’s business model will allow us to define the value contribution of results marketing to its objectives .4. Strategy defines the rules of the game In addition to defining the objectives to be achieved (we define what it means to be successful in terms of marketing for our company), the situation analysis that we carry out when defining the strategy allows us to define the market context.
We analyze the company (business model, people, resources, etc.), competition and audience .
From this analysis we know where we start from, what is the market gap that we can / should cover, who we are targeting, what is our greatest competition, the greatest risks, the points to reinforce in our business model, the most important channels. appropriate to achieve the objectives … tells us where to invest our resources to obtain the best results .
5. Strengthen our brand Think about the successful companies you know, how is their brand? Or taking it out of marketing, what is its reputation? Good to excellent, right?To achieve this, in addition to offering excellent service, we can rely on DE Phone Number to enhance the company’s brand.
A strong brand is the secret weapon of great companies and not only great in turnover, but in spirit. Since this is applicable to companies of any size. The benefits of having a strong brand are numerous. Having our audience trust us more has many benefits. From achieving higher average billing per user ( ARPU ), reducing the cost of acquisition ( CPA), increase the recall index of our campaigns or differentiate ourselves from the competition, among many others.
The list of benefits of a strategy could be much longer, but I prefer to limit it to these five so that we can open a more limited debate.

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