5 Essential Principles When Designing Logos

The creation of a logo, whether we do it from scratch. Or it is a redesign , can become an arduous task. A logo is an element that we could qualify as a minimum, but that should tell us a lot. On the one hand, tell us about the brand behind it, and on the other that it is aesthetically pleasing and original. But not only this, but we have to take into account more variables. For this reason, today we want to show you some of. The principles that must always be taken into account when designing a logo. The normal thing when we start designing a logo. Is to start seeing examples that we know work to find inspiration. We should not focus only on logos from sectors close to our logo.

That we put it first is no coincidence

It is not a question of looking for an image manipulation service aesthetic or colors that. We know work and copying them. But going further and asking ourselves several questions. Why have these colors been chosen? Why do some use an anagram or pictogram. And others simply the text of the brand Why are there brands that use several logos? If we are able to answer these questions from other logos, we will know why some decisions have been made and not others. And we will be able to make them in our projects. Of course, before starting there, we are going to see that its origin, in most cases, is based on some basic principles to be followed. Which are the first step towards creating something genuine and that works.

image manipulation service

It has gone from being a very detailed illustration

Many times we want to add many DE Phone Number details to give it many layers of meaning. Don’t fall into that trap. evolution of the apple logo over time A logo is an element that has to be seen and, most importantly, understood, at a glance. If we have to stop for a long time to try to figure out what a logo means, it is not fulfilling its function. And, surely, it is more difficult to remember. Look at the evolution of the Apple logo . But at certain sizes it is difficult to guess what is happening, to a simple, clean image known (and recognized) by everyone. Scalability / Versatility Nowadays, we can see a logo on an advertising billboard on a highway, or on the screen of our smartphone. And it should work in both situations, and at both sizes.

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