2009 A year to forget?

I have been thinking for days that it was time to write the post of the week, but I really did not know how to face the summary of the year, which is what it is at this time.

I have had a 2009 so… indescribable I would say that even @arancoweb encouraged me to capture it and here I am with a bittersweet taste trying to get the best of it because that is, I have shown myself that no matter how many things happen to us life, the last thing is to throw in the towel and I continue with the best of my smiles facing the day to day and Iceland Phone Number List encouraging all those who have not had a very good time during these 365 days.

Since 2009 began to appear, things did not look good and as he said, I thought “what starts badly ends badly”, but I have discovered that this statement is not true, “what starts badly can end wonderfully”.
It is not about enumerating what has already happened because thank God it has stayed in that … in the past and the learning is so brutal that there is no space to transmit what can be learned in just 12 months.

Going through a hospital four times (one of them was not for me but for one of the most important people in my life) places you and in what way. That they make you leave your professional life parked and the company to which you have dedicated the last 13 years of your life marks you, but it gives you the opportunity to know that there is a world out there to discover and you can learn Phone Number List a lot every hour that passes .
Those of us who until recently were 0.1, as @josemiguelmaiz would say, have had the opportunity to get to know this exciting world 2.0, which I don’t know where it will come from, but which for now has helped me to recover both physically and emotionally.
I have so many things to be thankful for that in the end I will even have to remember 2009 as a positive year.

First for the fully recovered health, second for the family (how many hours forgotten by work) and third for all those friends that I have found in this world in which they introduced me to @montefiero (the best there is in Vocento) and @ralbiol who started out as my client and is now my friend.
Thanks to all of you who compose twitter because you have made me laugh as I have not laughed for a long time, that you have introduced me to your lives, with you I learn new things every day and you have even placed me on a list that my friends affectionately call me. “Cancamusa” (Nothing is further from what I really am)
Thank you 2009 because you have made me put my feet on the ground and value many things that a year ago did not concern me.

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