10 questions to ask yourself before redesigning your website

In doing so, you will have to invest time, money and energy. Asking yourself the right where to buy phone numbers before starting your redesign can go a long way in making the whole process easier.Keep in mind that an effective web redesign goes beyond an aesthetic decision: it is very important that your page is strategically planned to convert and achieve all your goals.Here we leave you with 10 questions to ask yourself before redesigning your website. By answering them you will be able to better define if you are really interested in redesigning your website and what characteristics your new website should have.Here we go!DOES YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE NEED A REDESIGN?If you want to do a redesign, it is probably because you are not happy enough with your current website, right?But do you really need it? To find out, we recommend that you make a list with all the reasons that have led you to decide that you want a web redesign.This list of reasons will also help you to know what changes you want to apply to the new platform.WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MODIFY ON YOUR WEBSITE?Surely the list of reasons that you have made in the first point, has helped you determine what does not work.Write down exactly what is wrong with your current website : loading speed, images, aesthetics … Make a list of all the problems that a user may encounter when visiting your website. With the list of problems in hand, you can start looking for solutions.DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR USERS THINK OF THE CURRENT WEB?Many times it is the users who have a clearer perspective of the real functionality of our website. Being external people who are not involved, their vision is usually much more objective.Ask them what they think of the current website, how it works for them and if they would make any changes. Their opinion will surely help you determine which changes are most relevant and urgent.Knowing what users think will help you have various perspectives and prioritize according to their needs.WHAT IS YOUR COMPETITION DOING?Keeping an eye on your competition is always very interesting. Study your best competitors, see what their websites are like and what they do better than you.

Once you see what they do, try to go further. Find recruitment strategies that differ from your competition and that make you stand out.Knowing what others are doing will help you know what to do and, above all, what not to do.DO YOU WANT TO REDESIGN YOUR WEBSITE OR REDESIGN YOUR BRANDThere is a very important difference between redesigning your website or completely redesigning your brand. Doing a “rebranding” is, without a doubt, a very important decision that goes far beyond a web redesign.Before starting you must be very clear if what you want is to change only your website or change the complete image of your brand .Good information, from which it makes you grow. The one that gives you the advice you need.WHAT KIND OF VALUE WILL YOUR WEBSITE OFFER?Offering a promise of value that makes your website unique is very important. Since you are going to redesign, take the opportunity to make sure you have something different to offer your customers.What do you want them to see first when they visit your page? This is an essential question that you have to answer yourself.ARE YOU CLEAR ABOUT THE OBJECTIVE OF YOUR NEW WEBSITE?Having a website just for being on the internet should not be the objective of your website. You have to be very clear about what you want to achieve with your website: sell more, capture leads, build loyalty …Being clear about what you want to achieve is essential to be able to make a design and a structure focused on meeting specific objectives.

WHAT BUDGET CAN YOU INVEST IN THE PROJECT?You need to be very clear about what you can invest in the project. Knowing how much you can invest is very, very important, since the budget will be decisive to establish what your possibilities are.You have to be realistic and know how far we can go with our budget.WHAT WEBSITES DO YOU HAVE AS A REFERENCE?Have you written down all the websites that you have as a reference? If not, we recommend that you do so.Write down all those websites that you like, either by design or by functionality, and write down what you would highlight or what interests you about each of them.WHAT PERCENTAGE OF VISITS COME FROM MOBILE DEVICES?This question is very important, why? Well, because if 80% of your users visit your website from their mobile or tablet, you will know that your new website must be designed to be viewed from this type of device.And no, we are not just talking about having a responsive website. There is more. For example, you will have to make sure not to add certain pop-ups because if they are very small from the mobile they can be difficult to read or they can hinder navigability.You will also have to make sure that the typography is read correctly or that the images that you post do not weigh much and can be easily loaded from the mobile device.And here are the 10 De Phone Number you should ask yourself before redesigning your website. Did you find them useful? Would you add any more?If you have doubts about whether it is worth redesigning your website, you can contact us and we will help you more than delighted.


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