10 Google Analytics Tips to Make Your Job Easier

The ultimate goal of any business page is conversions. You want to see people sign up for the newsletter, ask for more information, and most importantly, buy your products. Looking at the conversion rate in Google Analytics is helpful, but it doesn’t tell you how a customer decides to buy or what led them to make that decision. You want to analyze their journey for a number of reasons. First, once you know which pages are leading people to convert, you can direct new customers to those pages and invest in improving those sites. Also, you want to know DE Phone Number how long it takes the average person to decide a purchase, so that you can choose how often to send your email campaigns and have a realistic expectation of when conversions will occur.

View the Behavior Map

You can also view only ” New Users ” to see potential paths your customers are taking. Returning customers will take a very different path because they are already somewhat familiar with your website and products. Also, the fact that people are returning shows that they have already developed some interest in your product, so you don’t need to focus too much on getting them interested in what you offer. Focusing on new customers will show how many people made extended searches, how many left quickly, and how many reached the landing page. A flowchart of this information shows which websites people visit first and which websites they visit from there.

Consider new visitor  returning visitor behavior

We briefly covered how to view new customer data and return customer data. While looking at the path of a new customer on your website is great for understanding how to retain a new customer, it helps to analyze the behavior of both customers. Having repeat customers is good news. It means they are interested in what you offer and you have high quality content. However, it makes perfect sense that one-time visitors outnumber repeat visitors. To analyze the number of returning versus new visitors, go to the ” Audience ” option on the sidebar menu . Below that, click ” Behavior ,” then ” Frequency and Recency.

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